Augustana Lutheran Church

Augustana Lutheran Church | Avigilon

Augustana is an Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denver, Colorado. With over a 100-year legacy, safeguarding congregation members and facilities is a top priority. By partnering with Fire Team Security, Augustana implemented a high-resolution Avigilon video surveillance system as well as a DMP access control system.

A New Solution

To combat trespassing, loitering, and vandalism incidents that Augustana Lutheran Church was facing, Augustana installed a complete Avigilon video surveillance system. 15 Avigilon cameras with self-learning video analytics were installed along with Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software. This system gives Augustana the ability to leverage video analytics capabilities to help quickly search for, verify, and respond to potentially critical events.

Augustana also deployed a DMP access control system. By installing a complete system, Augustana was able to avoid any physical key management while also keeping an accurate log of personnel entering their facilities. With various groups, both internal and external, using their facilities for meetings, this was a perfect solution to avoid key management and maintenance fees due to lost keys or rekeying entryways.

A Scalable Success

Augustana’s new security solution serves as both an effective deterrent, as well as an investigative tool. By allowing staff to mitigate risk and proactively address critical events, Augustana Lutheran Church installed a critical extra layer of security.