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Benefits of Access Control Systems

Access Control is an electronic means of restricting accesss to a designated area or building. This may include interior doors or even access to exterior gates. Here are a few benefits an access control provides that can help secure your facility.

Whether your organization has highly sensitive files, or simply wants to keep a running log of all who enter and exit a specific building or door, access control provides an excellent solution. One great way ability access control systems give is the ability to remove the expense of losing keys. When an employee loses a key, this can leave a business the expense of making a new key, or even having to change door locks. With access control, the business can simply remove the employee's access card from their system and issue a new card when necessary. As technology has developed it's even possible now to have bluetooth access removing the need for physical access cards completely.

Another great benefit access control systems give is the ability to log who is coming and going from a specific area or building. This can narrow down your search when looking for specific events. Another benefit of have card access is being able to prevent unauthorized personnel from entering restricted areas. This can be done by limiting current employees to certain accessible doors or providing security from strangers being able to enter restricted facilities.

Access control also increases employee safety by the ease of use. It is much faster to swipe a card than to fumble around with a key. It also eliminates the ability to duplicate access, as access cards are not as easy to duplicate as physical keys are.

The last benefit to highlight is the ability for an access control system to control multiple access points across mulitiple properties. Many businesses have multiple locations and an access control system gives organizations the ability to manage it all from one platform.

All in all, access control systems are not only great for restricting access to designated areas or buildings, but they also allow organizations to electronically manage entry/exit logs, replace cards instead of locks and keys, as well as having better control over all access points within their facility.